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Q: why there is a need to articulate lessons from grade school to high school?
A: Articulation Agreements with Destination High Schools Just as elementary students fear the changes involved in moving to middle school, some middle grades students may develop anxieties about moving on to high school. [ However, in non-K-12 unified districts, open enrollment agreements often mean that middle school students transition to high schools in a different district in which there may
be little, if any, articulation with the feeder middle school. If this is the case, the middle school will need to initiate articulation with the most likely destination high schools. Again, counselors can work with students to develop personalized learning plans that help narrow the choice of a potential high school to one that will best meet individual student needs and goals. In spite of the difficulties, there are many ways middle grades staff members can develop transition programs that will help students make a successful move to high school. Researchers find that social, emotional, and academic factors contribute to the difficulties associated with students’ transition from middle school to high school. Among other things, students worry about: Having friends Feeling comfortable in a large school Finding classrooms Succeeding in difficult classes Understanding teacher expectations Interacting with older, more mature students Interpreting block schedules Managing time Finding time for social activities1 In one survey, former middle grades students listed four things that would have helped with their transition to high school: Regular connections with high school students so they could learn more about what to expect. Preparation with the skills and strategies needed for high school success. Development of strong connections with adults (for planning and goal setting). Summer bridge options during the eighth-grade summer.2 The following sections include some of the many creative ways that middle grades teachers and administrators work with area high schools to help their students prepare for success. ]
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