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Q: explain how play and activities are used to support and development of speech, language and communication for children
A: Children are always using toys in different ways than we would expect – boxes become boats to sail in to distant lands, [ the sand tray becomes a dinosaur park and absolutely anything can be used as a gun apparently!! We shouldn’t try to limit the toys uses (except the guns, maybe!) as children can learn so much during role-play – working with others… an amazing amount of new, different
language… turn taking…problem solving… empathy for others… decision making…knowledge exchange between peers… As for the scope – it’s endless! It is only restricted by the children’s imagination! In dramatic play, you can have the children in the Housekeeping area focus on a particular food group and “cook” a meal with them. They can talk about what vegetables grow in the ground, above ground, sort by colour, etc. More practice with colours can be done using different colour plates, cups, utensils to match up place settings on the table. (“What do we need? A plate, fork, spoon, etc”) Encouraging creativity amongst children enables the child to express themselves using different materials, such as paint brush or a pencil. It encourages the child to use fingers, thumbs, hands and feet to do paint printing. Encouraging creativity helps a child to be able to create paintings and drawings and tracing and weaving etc. The child is able to make choices. For example: would you like to use pink wool or purple wool? Make a sad face or a happy face? Children can create music by singing, dancing, clapping and playing instruments. It promotes a positive attitude and response, developing their confidence and so being able to experiment their own ideas and feelings. Once again the child can feel in control. Creativity encourages the child’s development, mentally and physically, so is a good thing. ]
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Asked 9/13/2013 6:30:29 AM
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