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What is the meaning of life? If some people are really stupid do we really need them? Couldn't we not kill them but let nature take there fate? If life is going to be always helping the needy and the poor and all this war do you think we are going to ever get anywhere in life? Yes we can see meteors before they hit earth and predict if they will hit earth, but what if we do see it coming what could you do if it is 3X bigger than are sun ?
Weegy: The meaning of life is simply to live. Live, and experience. Do what you want with your life. Maybe you want to be an artist but you know that you won't make much money, and that not having 'much money' is generally seen as a bad thing. [ So, if you decide NOT to, then you're going along the beaten path, with a normal amount of money and such, but not doing what you like. If you're going to live, then you need to do what makes you happy. We are here to experience things. There has to be a purpose, and if that purpose is to live or even to have no purpose, then by default, it is a purpose. Just like not choosing either A or B in, in itself, a choice, not having a purpose is a purpose. If you still say that there is no purpose, then make one. Give yourself a reason to live. Do not fear death, because whether or not you believe in the afterlife, every organism that has ever existed is either dead or dying; Death is a fundamental fact of Life. Perhaps we are reincarnated; if there is no way to know for certain, then just move on with your life and LIVE. The one certain thing you may always depend upon is that you can just LIVE. LIVING can be your philosophy. You can say, "I am here to live, learn, and love." Everybody's reality is different, because everybody's perspective and circumstances differ greatly. So go on now. Live your life to the fullest. ] (More)
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Asked 7/22/2013 4:09:48 PM
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What was the main accomplishment of the Freedmen's Bureau? providing aid and education to emancipated slaves helping Confederate states get readmitted to the Union securing protections for African Americans' voting rights preventing violence against African Americans in the South
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Updated 12/4/2014 6:17:28 PM
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Providing aid and education to emancipated slaves was the main accomplishment of the Freedmen's Bureau.

Added 12/4/2014 6:17:28 PM
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Confirmed by jeifunk [12/4/2014 6:25:05 PM]
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