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Q: In this age of electronic communications such as cell phones, text messaging, and e-mail, what is the role of formal writing? How do you think these digital communication methods influence the
writing process?
A: Well from personal experience I have found that when using text messages and email communications I do not always use formal communication or writing, more like common text messaging lingo if you will. [ For instance, when using these types of communication, we tend to use basic lingo or slang; we do not use proper English or grammar. So there for these types of communication limit our ability
to perform formal writing in terms of team work and so forth, in both the academic and professional environments. I have done a tad bit of research on text and email communication and how it affects individual's formal writing. In my initial findings I have found that by using email and text messaging communication we are limiting our ability to perform proper writing. A professor at the University of Georgia has conducted research on this particular matter. She wrote an article about effects of communicative technologies. This article is focused on High School Students. However, I still believe it is relevant to what we are discussing here. Please see the following quote, on the abstract of this professor's article. According to (Holly Frilot, 2005), "Communicative technologies, such as instant messaging, text messaging, and email, are popular with many of today's high school students. Through these types of communicative technologies students develop nontraditional spellings and abbreviations - a lingo of their own. This study examined the correlations between the writing students use within communicative technologies and writing for school purposes. Students participated in two interviews, a questionnaire, and submitted several class assignments to be evaluated for instances of communicative technology shorthand. ]
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Asked 11/7/2012 5:12:57 PM
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