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What were women’s prisons like before the 1800s? How have they changed?
There were no women prison’s in the 1800s. Men, women and children were all put in to one prison. The ladies were to act like ladies, but treated like the men. The labors that the ladies endure were to do the cleaning, cooking, sewing, and laundry. [ The women in prison in the 1800s believed that they were no fed right, and that they were over worked. In the 1800s there were three arguments
established that supported the separation of juvenile prisons from adult prisoners. The first argument was that adult prison life was way too hard on the juveniles. The second argument was that the juveniles would learn bad things from the adult prisoners or even have a bad experience. The third was that it was believed that the juveniles would have a better chance if they were watched and treated by some one that had knowledge on juveniles. If the juveniles were left with the adult prisoners the juveniles would be taken for granted and would be used in sexually and this would damage the juveniles emotionally. The adult prisoners would also take advantage of the juveniles and educated them on how to commit different crimes for them in the future. Hard labor had a purpose in the 1800s. Growing companies needed cheap labor, so they paid prisoners very little to work either on an assembly line or in their cells doing their jobs there. Crime within prison walls didn’t happen like it did before. When the Great Depression hit society, and many jobs were lost they took the jobs from the prisoners and gave them the men that needed them in society so that their families could survive. Women constitute the fastest growing segment of the United States’ prison population. Today, over one million women are under custody in the criminal justice system, representing 7% of inmates. Often these women are incarcerated for low-level, non-violent drug or property offenses and the majority have young children at the time of their conviction. ]
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Asked 9/12/2012 8:56:32 PM
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