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Q: What might you do to avoid fallacies in your thinking?
A: Focus on your opponent's position, not his character. Don't attack an opponent's character as a way of building up your argument. [ [ This is called "argument to the man," and it's considered a logical fallacy since character issues may be irrelevant to the argument you're making. Don't assume that character flaws are evidence. 2 Keep cause and effect separate. "Faulty causation" is one of the
most common logical fallacies. It occurs when you assume that just because something happens after something else, the second thing is caused by the first. For example, just because your favorite wine glass broke after you argued with your sister doesn't mean the argument caused the breakage. Sponsored Links Sample Cover Letter For Job Improve Your Hunt for Relevance. Let us Deliver the Jobs to You. 3 Avoid jumping to conclusions. This is called "faulty generalization," and it occurs when you draw a conclusion from evidence that is incomplete. For example, you're guilty of faulty generalization if you see a teenage boy wearing low-slung pants and instantly hold your purse more tightly - you're generalizing about the behavior of teenage boys dressed a certain way. 4 Avoid introducing a "red herring." A red herring is something you throw into your argument - such as an irrelevant line of thought or an unrelated detail - in order to distract your audience from other aspects of your argument. Think of a murder mystery: The shifty character you meet on page one is usually a red herring, meant to keep your attention away from the true culprit - the ordinary boy-next-door. 5 Avoid drawing a "false analogy." Showing how two things are alike can be a great way to build support for your argument. For example, you might compare a current event with a similar historical event to hypothesize about an outcome of the current event. A false analogy occurs when you assume that just because two entities share a common characteristic, they must share other characteristics as well. 6 Avoid trying to convince your audience that it's your way or the highway. ] ]
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Asked 10/22/2012 2:44:15 AM
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