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Describe when advice and /or assistance should be sought to move or handle an individual safely
There is now a move to apply the concept of safety culture at the individual level. [ Mearns et al., (2003) highlight that although safety culture was a concept originally used to describe the inadequacies of safety management that result in major disasters, it is interesting that the concept is now being applied to explain accidents at the individual level. As worker’s behaviour is influenced
by the safety culture of an organization, such culture could become a determinant of worker injury involvement (Glendon et al., 2006). Although the overall culture of an organization may have an impact on the behaviour of employees, much research has focused on the impact of more localised factors (i.e. supervisors, interpretation of safety policies) in the specific culture of individual workplaces. Glendon et al., (2006) refer to this as the “Local safety climate, which is more susceptible to transition and change” (p. 367). This would also suggest that safety climate operates on a different level than safety culture. Though Mearns et al. (2006) emphasize, “The validity of the safety culture concept with regard to individual accidents is yet to be ascertained” (p. 643). ]
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Asked 6/16/2012 2:28:04 PM
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