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Describe how a conflict of interest can be addressed between the carer and an individual with dementia whilst balancing rights, choices and risk
There needs to be a proper and fair balance between the rights and needs of the individual and the authority of the carer. [ This balance will depend on the situation in particular. Talking in front of the person with dementia, as if he or she did not understand, is a practice some participants deplored. Their view was that people with dementia should not be excluded from case conferences, they
should not be patronized, they should be kept independent, they should receive good medical and social care, and at the appropriate point they should be allowed to die. Participants also had concerns about their neighbours. Some carers felt the need to protect their neighbours (and at times their families or the wider public) from upsetting or dangerous behaviours such as shouting, driving, or unsightly eating. At other times, however, neighbours were perceived as potentially or actually critical. This should remind us that carers' perceptions are not uniform, as shown by differing attitudes towards hygiene. There were instances of participants complaining about the poor personal care given by professionals; but one carer described how at times she left her relative with dementia in a dirty state in order to avoid the upset caused by trying to clean him. read more : see also : ]
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Asked 6/19/2013 12:10:35 PM
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