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The British achieved victories in all of the following battles except: Vincennes Guilford Courthouse Charleston Question #4MultipleChoice Score: The Americans achieved victories in all of the
following battles except: CamdenSaratogaYorktown Question #5MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following events occurred first, second, and third? Trenton, Saratoga, and YorktownNew York, Yorktown, and Guilford CourthouseSaratoga, Princeton, and Monmouth Question #6TextMultipleChoice Score: The city of CharlestonBostonNew YorkPhiladelphia was taken by the British in 1776 and was not retaken by the Americans. Question #7MultipleChoice Score: Who was the Prussian veteran that trained American troops at Valley Forge? LafayetteLt. Colonel St. LegerGeneral HoweBaron Von Steuben Question #8MultipleChoice Score: While Washington and his troops were freezing at Valley Forge, the British were living comfortably at nearby _______. BostonGermantownNew YorkPhiladelphia Question #9TextMultipleChoice Score: The FrenchCanadiansGermansDutch agreed to openly aid the Americans after the battle of Saratoga. Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Who said, "I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country?" Benedict ArnoldJohn Paul JonesNathan HaleNathaniel Greene Question #11TrueFalse Score: By the end of the Revolution, Britain was actually fighting a world war. TrueFalse Question #12TrueFalse Score: The defeated British commander at Saratoga was General Burgoyne. TrueFalse Question #13TrueFalse Score: Thomas Jefferson was the American ambassador to France during the Revolution. TrueFalse Question #14TrueFalse Score: Benedict Arnold was a brilliant fighter in the campaigns on the Mississippi. TrueFalse Question #15TrueFalse Score: The British government was in serious financial trouble after the French and Indian war. TrueFalse
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