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Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults
You need to have positive relationships within a nursery setting because children can sense if adults do not get on. The ability to talk to other adults will give you more support in the workplace, [ you can share ideas and offer support. You must also feel you can talk to parents/carers, they need to feel they can open up to you and share any information. ]
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explain how different social, professional and cultural contexts may affect relationships and the way people communicate.
Weegy: Problems of communication in intercultural dialogue typically arise when the communicators understand concepts of meaning and identity in strikingly different waysProblems of communication and poor dialogue typically arise when persons from [ different social and cultural contexts fail to understand each other properly. Even if a speaker is genuinely interested in communicating with another person, it is difficult to secure successful communication if the other person’s beliefs about the world are very different from the speaker’s beliefs, and if the speaker knows little about the other’s beliefs. Obviously, knowledge of another person’s cultural context does not constitute a guarantee for successful communication. Sometimes a speaker is aware that an audience has certain beliefs and experiences shaped by a specific social and cultural history but nevertheless chooses, more or less consciously, to ignore this fact.Disagreement and problems in intercultural interaction can often be explained by showing that people have different concepts of value that they believe are fundamental to society. There is, however, a third concept of value that is even more relevant for understanding communicative challenges in intercultural interaction. This concept is of special importance because it is intimately connected to the ways individuals wish to live their own lives. ] (More)
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explain the principles of relationship building with children, youngpeople and adults.
Weegy: I think all good relationships are built on warmth, caring, mutual respect and a willingness to listen to and accept one another. [ Relationships with children are especially tender and deserve extra attention and care as children are developing their concepts of the world and their place in it. Children look to the relationships with caring adults in their lives to answer many questions. They want to know, "Do I belong?" "Am I doing all right?" "Do you see who I am?" and "Am I safe with you?" They may not ask these questions with words, but they are looking to their relationships for the answers. It's important that you communicate how much you enjoy having the child or young adult you want to build a relationship with in your life. You can do this simply by setting aside everything else for a moment and giving them your full attention and a warm look. Remain pleased and fully attentive to whatever the child or young person presents. You'll be amazed where things go when we make time for them to unfold. ] (More)
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