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Q: Identify and discuss the factors that make nationalism a force in world politics. In your discussion, include the examples of the 2010-2011 events in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Libya
A: the factors that make nationalism a force in world politics: 1) Patriotism and national pride. [ This is opposed to national apathy or even self hatred of ones nation and its culture. 2) Civic pride whereby people consider the wellbeing of the nation to be important in their everyday lives. JFK said it best when he pronounced "think not what your country can do for you, think what you can do
for your country". 3) A more cohesive society so long as nationalism is not linked to racial qualities. True positive nationalism embraces newcomers and instills them with the same pride in their new homeland that those born there already have. Negatives are: 1) Bigotry and intolerance. Human nature being what it is tends to corrupt concepts that should be positive. Isolationism, racism and ethnic conflict are common. 2) Facism. The extreme is always a possibility once the door has been opened. 3) Simplistic thinking and population control through propaganda. Nationalism by its nature tends not to allow deversity of opinions and this results in accusations of disloyalty. As soon as you hear people shout phrases such as "un-American", "un-British" and "un-Australian" etc etc around, its a sign of people hijacking national identity to quell the views of their oponents. 4) Expolitation of the people by their leaders. JFK's already quoted statement can also have a horrendous aspect to it: reducing citizens to mindless drones to be exploited whereby the government does not serve the people, the people serve the government. 5) The creation of false enemies. Either in the form of actual people or in concepts, nationalism tends to create the existance of opposing forces, those who are a threat to the nation. ]
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