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Explain the importance of monitoring the food and drink an individual consumes and any difficulties they encounter
Health Maintenance Areas that can help to maintain health should also be assessed, including nutrition, tobacco and alcohol use, exercise, and inoculations. These are discussed briefly below: Nutrition. [ Even though nutritional status is widely recognized as significant factor in health outcomes, only one assessment included a brief item regarding whether the policyholder had experienced, or
consulted a doctor, or had been had been diagnosed or treated for “appetite, weight loss or gain” in the past five years. We recommend that nutritional status be routinely assessed, including questions related to current intake of fluids and food, and use of dentures and any dental problems which affect capacity to eat. Tobacco and Alcohol Use. Because of the interaction of alcohol with medications, its impact on functional abilities, and increased incidence of falls and other injuries associated with excessive alcohol intake, assessment of alcohol use should be routinely included in assessments. At minimum, this might include frequency, amount, and type of alcohol use, with a note to compare this with any history of falls or injury, and adverse medication reactions. Smoking can also pose a potential safety hazard if there is a pattern of dropping lighted cigarettes or if oxygen equipment is nearby, and should also be routinely assessed. Exercise. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining optimal health. A brief review of the level and type of exercise performed prior to the recent illness or injury can serve as helpful goals for recovery and/or as indicators that instruction or referral might be useful in order to introduce the client to the benefits of exercise. ]
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