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explain how your thought processes can be manipulated by perception.
Perception is the understanding of the world around you. As you receive stimuli through your perceptive tools (your eyes, ears, skin, tongue, nose), it will influence your thoughts in different ways. [ Your mind is complex enough to formulate complex thoughts using the information gained through perception. Your mind can organize this information into patterns, but it's not foolproof; your
perception can trick you. Your perception can make resolving a problem feel impossible. When you perceive something obnoxious, it can actually disrupt your thought patterns because your attention keeps returning to the source of the annoyance instead of formulating a solution for your situation. Your senses control your conclusion of a situation. Conclusion can be accurate or inaccurate, but you use your perception to take stimuli and form a conclusion based on the evidence you receive. The human mind likes taking random bits of data and grouping them together to make patterns. You receive information through perceptive tools and that prompts your mind to think of ways the information connects. Your perceptive skills are not fail-proof and they can trick you into believing a false idea. Optical illusions are a good example of how your perception tricks you. ]
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Asked 3/25/2012 4:52:27 PM
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