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how must training programs continue to evolve in order to do more with diminished financial resources?
Training is vitally important for developing the youth skills and abilities. Most countries and organizations, the world over, are keenly involved in providing training programs for the youth. [ However, the increasing demand on training programs and the rising cost of these programs made it obligatory for many countries to seek partnership agreements between governments and training agencies.
USAID is one of the leading funding, non-profit organizations that provide financial support for training programs in many countries of the world. Jordan is one of the countries that has been receiving financial aid through USAID for several years. The current study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of the training programs in Jordan that have been funded through USAID. For more accurate results and to limit the scope of this study, focus will be on one vital project that is funded by USAID and that is targeted towards developing and upgrading the skills of Jordanian youth. This program is MAHARAT. MAHARAT is a partnership project between USAID and The Business Development Center(BDC). This study will attempt to find out the effectiveness of this program by analyzing the program outcomes in comparison with the program stated objectives. The researcher will study all the variables that might be related to the program effectiveness: analyzing the program design through finding out the balance between the training needs and the program content, studying the appropriateness of the program organization in relation to its internal design and the effective execution of the program, and analyzing the effect of the external, social factors on the overall effectiveness of the training program; these factors include the trainees' age, education and the type of training program they have undergone. In order to obtain data, the researcher will develop a special questionnaire that will be refereed by two specialists in the field. ]
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