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give me some list of football players in illuminati
Cristiano Ronaldo. Read more
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User: give me some list of football players in illuminati

Weegy: Cristiano Ronaldo. Read more
bubulizzz|Points 352|

User: is leo messi in illuminati

Weegy: no, he's not
selymi|Points 8362|

User: is dbanj in illuminati

Weegy: Sept 29, 2011 – Reckless Lifestyle of Nigerian Music Star D’banj. How He Join Secret Cult -His Dressing, Necklace Are Key Signs Of The Cult Whether you believe it or not, most of today’s quick rise music star are occultic. [ Shortly after Dagrin’s fatal road accident, a witch confessed to how he (Dagrin) was initiated into the occult world ( How he sold his soul for fame). When we got the news, we have to do our home work before releasing this report. According to our research, Nigeria’s top award winning artist, Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo popular known as Dbanj has joined a secret cult named THE ILLUMINATI” (Meaning to illuminate). According to Global News Nigeria, at first it wasn’t clear to fans the real motive behind D’banj’s clamouring to be signed under Kanye West Good Music record label, until when the Donjazzy Enigma beat and D’Banj’s Oliver Twist single and video was posted. This attracted so many comments, both positive and negative, and was linked to the biggest urban occult group in the world music scene, THE ILLUMINATI. Nigerian megastar entertainer, Dapo Oyebanjo aka D’Banj, and other members of Mo’Hits record label led by ace producer, Don Jazzy, are confirmed members of the urban-secret cult, THE ILLUMINATI. Certain proof was offered by artists of the record label themselves, causing Nigerians to comment negatively on the new video which was kind of different and funny but has a hidden meaning. The proof in query is a video clip produced by the record label in which D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Doctor Sid, Wande Coal and an unidentified man dance like gay men to D’Banj’s new single, Oliver Twist ]
Expert answered|mouthofdasouth|Points 30|

Asked 6/9/2012 9:31:49 PM
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Asked 6/9/2012 9:40:40 PM
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