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My iPhone says invalid sim, what's the best way to fix it without having to use a new SIM?
is your device jailbroken?
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User: My iPhone says invalid sim, what's the best way to fix it without having to use a new SIM?

Weegy: is your device jailbroken?
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: i'm not sure at all, today i updated it with the new itunes, so i think that's what messed it up, because it worked perfectly fine before.

Weegy: what version of iphone do you have?
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: i'm not sure all i know is that it's 32gb

Weegy: go to settings, then about. then find your firmware version
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: iphone 3g 32 gb, how do i fix it so i can use my sim again, please help :( i'm sorry to bother you so late, but do you have any idea!

Weegy: This is what you're gonna do. GO to SETTINGS. Then GO to GENERAL Click ABOUT then read the VERSION type. before i can help you I need to know what firmware you have
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: the version type says 4.2.1 what does that mean?

Weegy: it means that there is no way you can jailbreak your iphone and make it open line again. [ Do you have a phone line? Are you open line before? Because if you are open line before, there is no way you can use your iphone now except to use it with verizon or at&t sim ]
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: when you say open line what do you mean, and how can you tell that i cannot jailbreak it? before i used itunes10 to update it, the phone worked perfectly fine

Weegy: because apple made something to their newest update that you can't jailbreak a version 4.2.1 iphone. well, you can but you cannot make it open line because that's what they do to their newest update. [ I suggest you downgrade your firmware to an earlier version and jailbreak it again so that you cn have an openline phone. When I say open line it means that you can use your iphone with any sim: at&t, etc. ]
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: how do i downgrade my firmware?

Weegy: have you tried shutting your phone off? try to shut it down then open it again. if it still says the same message then come back to me
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: okay, i will try. i have tried it and it still says the same thing. i have also tried putting it on airplane mode, turning it off, and turning it on again and turning the airplane mode off but it still does not work. any other solutions?

Weegy: connect your device to your itunes. put it off before connecting it to your pc
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: okay, i did so.

Weegy: so wait for it to open by itself.

User: i still have the same message, in itunes it says i need to upgrade to a higher version, but that's what got me into this in the first place, and i will try the sim. after i do the sim then what do i do?

Weegy: i got it. what i tunes are you using? you updated your firmware to the latest version right? did you update also your itunes? if not, then you should updte your itunes as well. [ cause before you can use your itunes, it needs to be updated for your latest firmware version ]
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: well earlier i updated my itunes so that i could updat my apple mobile software to be able to send mms. i updated to itunes10, then when it didn't work with my phone, (or when my phone didn't work) then i downloaded back to itunes 9. what am i suppose to do so that my sim works with my iphone now?

Weegy: are you using line? like monthly line with bills? if not where did you get your iphone? sorry i need these details.
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: i'm using a carrier called SimpleMobile, and I bought my iphone off of someone from craiglist. it's okay, i just would like to fix it so i can recieve my calls, and everything.

Weegy: meaning you need to have an openline phone for your sim to work. I'll send you a link, download a LOWER version of firmware. try 3.1.2 that's what i'm using. then jailbreak your iphone

User: will this break my warranty, or make it unable for me to upgrade back to another firmware? i do not want it to be obvious to Apple that I have tried to jailbreak it, so it won't work anymore, are you sure this will be okay?

Weegy: you'll get your phone working again after doing those steps. Please click good if i helped.
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: please do not leave just yet! will you stay please?

Weegy: it will be okay. if you want to have your warranty back, you can restore it to another firmware
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: will downloading any of these softwares give my computer a virus?

Weegy: Of course not. cause if it does, my pc has lots of it now.

User: yes, you can. please write back when you arrive, or else i may not be able to send you another message on the progress

Weegy: alright, just wait for me. for the meanwhile, download the firmware first
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: okay, i will and thank you so much

Weegy: give me 5 mins
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1923|

User: okay i will, but i downloaded it and it just reopens itunes, nothing else happens. i have itunes9 right now.

Weegy: did you download the 3.1.2 firmware from the link i sent you?
Expert answered|bettyboop|Points 1928|

Asked 1/27/2011 10:21:35 PM
Updated 4/29/2013 5:11:22 AM
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I think the mobile is locked with a particular network.Hence when you insert a sim other than the locked network you get the "Invalid" message.To remove the message you either need to use the iPhone with the locked network or unlock it to make the mobile work with other network.As far as I know,to unlock an iPhone the remote unlock service would be a better option because,you need not give your mobile to someone else nor do you have any chance to enter the wrong unlock codes.To get such an unlocking service for your iPhone approach and by submitting the country and network to which the mobile is locked to you will be able to remove the restriction from the respective network.This will be a permanent unlocking solution.Once unlocked you can switch any GSM networks with the mobile.
Added 4/29/2013 5:11:24 AM

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