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describe the sorts of problems might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these.
- lack of student- motivation & interest : Make lecture interesting & relevant; increase student involvement & interaction - dearth of teaching-learning aids : Prior preparation in making simple, easy, inexpensive teaching aids, [ maybe with some help from students themselves - an inclusive class, with a wide spectrum of abilities : Each one (student) teach one. Let the 'smarter' students
take some responsibility for those who cannot keep pace. This takes care of 2 things simultaneously - teaching helps to understand & consolidate one's learning/concepts & it helps the teacher keep the entire class at a similar level. - low levels of attention or short attention spans : Include multiple sources of learning - multi-sensory, practicals, field trips, hands on, project work, activities,. ... - one or more highly disruptive student : Find out the real reason for such indiscipline & disruption & try to sort that out. eg. if the child is a 'genius', way ahead of the class, then provide him/her with work/activity on the side, suited to his/her level. - fumbling with the basics/fundamentals, or not up to the optimal previous knowledge level : This needs to be corrected immediately. Hence spend time to teach them the basics....Also, frequent spot tests, etc. help in identifying whether new concepts have been learnt & taking Prompt corrective/remedial measures. - shy students, extremely diffident/averse to asking Qs : Try to establish some sort of rapport with them or get some more extrovert, friendly, 'wise' students to befriend them & help them out of their shyness. Coax them gently, with frequent encouragement & praise at their effort. ]
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