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explain the importance of providing support that respects the individual's culture and preferences
Respect and promote individuals' rights : 7. Acknowledge conflicts between the individuals right to make choices and their responsibilities to others. 8. [ Seek appropriate support when there are conflicts between the individuals' rights and responsibilities. 9. Respect the dignity and privacy of individuals, and their culture and values 10. Respect and promote the views and wishes of
individuals, key people and others. 11. Work in ways that: recognise the individual's beliefs and preferences puts the individual's preferences at the centre of everything you and others for whom you are responsible to acknowledge the diversity of individuals do not discriminate against any individual do not condone discrimination by others. 12. Provide active support to enable individuals to participate to their utmost abilities. 13. Challenge behaviours and practice that discriminates against individuals. 14. Seek advice when you are having difficulty promoting equality and diversity. 15. Ensure that you do not act in any way that may make individuals feel inferior. 16. Ensure you are honest, trustworthy, reliable and dependable. 17. Communicate in appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward ways. ........... ]
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Asked 6/23/2012 1:38:07 PM
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