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Early traders navigated the seas with the help of the _____. Big Dipper North Star Orion Milky Way
Weegy: North Star User: Crete was the crossroads that linked what three cultures? User: Nomadic society and authority was based on what kind of organization? Weegy: sharia law system User: Nomadic society and authority was based on what kind of organization? aristocracy wealth tribe or clan Question #3MultipleChoice Score: Mesopotamia was the location for an empire founded by _____. SargonSarconSartarSarmon Question #4MultipleChoice Score: The Hittites were the first society to use this as a weapon. tankcannonchariotgunpowder Question #5MultipleChoice Score: Akhenaton was a leader of what country? SyriaGreeceMesopotamiaEgypt Question #6Matching Score: Match the vocabulary term with its meaning. 1. a lifestyle of tending livestock in open pasture land sedentary 2. a lifestyle of wandering from place to place in search of pasture or water pastoral 3. a type of religion that believes in one god migration 4. a long narrative poem in elevated language celebrating the life of heroes indigenous 5. people groups that are native to a region agrarian 6. moving from one place to another for any number of reasons nomadic 7. a society based on agriculture epic 8. the process of settling down in one location monotheism Question #7MultipleSelect Score: Choose all that apply. The Bronze Age was known for major changes in _____. technologylinguisticsarchitectureweatherculture Question #8MultipleChoice Score: Wanax was another name for a Mycenaean _____. scholarkingpriestwarrior Question #9MultipleChoice Score: The Mycenaeans were located in this country. ItalySpainTurkeyGreece Question #10Paragraph Score: Describe the events surrounding the epic poem, The Iliad. Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not ... (More)
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Asked 1/18/2013 9:52:53 AM
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Wanax was another name for a Mycenaean _____. scholar king priest warrior
Weegy: b: king User: The Mycenaeans were located in this country. Italy Spain Turkey Greece Weegy: D. Greece User: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana were two epic poems from this civilization. Greek Indus Valley Mesopotamia Egypt Weegy: B. Indus Valley User: Which was not a factor of migration? climate changes invention of the wheel strong nomadic leadership strong fortified settlements Weegy: b User: The term Aryan originally referred to a people group in what region? Greece India China Germany Weegy: India User: Azerbaijan and Iran are considered to be the origin of what language? Indo-Asian Indo-African Indo-European Indo-American Question #16MultipleChoice Score: The economy of agrarian societies was based on _____. agricultureindustryminingherding Question #17MultipleSelect Score: Choose all that apply. Nomadic societies spread important knowledge in these three areas. religiontechnologysailingdomesticationlanguage Question #18TrueFalse Score: As government becomes more complex, specialized workers are needed. TrueFalse Weegy: Hi. Please ask one question at a time. Thanks. (More)
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Asked 1/18/2013 10:21:11 AM
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