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If two 3 year olds are 'squabbling' over something say - a pram, first see if they can problem solve/sort it out themselves often children do. If they are unable to for whatever reason then you can step in and ask them what's the problem. [ No doubt, they will both say 'I had it first' then (taking into account their age/stage/character you can explain: 1. there are two prams so they can both
play with prams or 2. There is only one pram so you explain they have a choice, they can either play (and share) together and one push, whilst the other holds on, on one side and then swap over or 3. they must decide who is going to play with it on their own for a few minutes - often the older/more able child is able to understand that they will have a turn very soon. Explain that you will make a note of the time if they choose this option. This is a good time to explain that it's much more fun to share - because they have a friend to play with, very rarely have I found that a child wants to play alone - unless of course they are very young and are not at the stage where they are looking to form relationships. Ultimately it all comes down to choice whatever age they are - do they want to have relationships with other children and make friends? then they must decide that they want to share and sometimes compromise to have friends - the alternative is that they can always get their own way - but they'll be on their own and won't be having as much fun. With older children they should understand the consequences of their own decisions and actions. ]
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Asked 12/11/2012 11:23:28 AM
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