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What are three ways to organize ideas in writing? How will you organize your ideas in your essay? Why?
Weegy: Index Card Method 8 Write down everything you can think of on your topic, using a separate card for each thought. [ Do it quickly, without stopping to think. 9 Spread the index cards out in a large rectangle of columns and rows. 10 Separate the main ideas from the rest, marking those cards with a different color. Gather up the rest of the cards. 11 Use the marked main idea cards to form the tops of new columns. These can be thought of as categories or labels. 12 Lay the other cards under the column cards to which they're related. 13 Make any leftover cards heading cards- -main ideas- -if appropriate, or create new headings under which they might go. 14 Take stock of the work, rearranging to better group batches of related cards. Decide whether there is too much of one idea, not enough of another and where more research or thought into the topic might be called for. 15 Order the thoughts in preparation for writing, using one of the methods below. Read more: How to Organize Ideas for Writing | ] (More)
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Asked 10/24/2012 4:16:14 PM
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how will you decide how to organize your essay, and why?
Weegy: There are many elements that must come together to create an excellent essay. The topic should be clear and interesting. The author?s voice should come through, but not overwhelm, the piece. [ [ And there should be no errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Another element that is sometimes overlooked when editing an essay, but is just as important as the previous elements mentioned, is organization. An organized essay is clear, focused, logical and effective. ] (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 10/24/2012 6:40:05 PM
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With widely publicized information on the health and environmental consequences of smoking, why do you think people still choose to smoke?
Weegy: There are not many smokers about who started smoking after the age of eighteen. In fact, the majority of smokers took up the habit in their early or mid teens. [ At such a young age, you don't really think about the health risks of smoking and you certainly do not realise how addictive smoking can be. As a teenager you probably think that you can try smoking a few times and then take it or leave it. However, the reality is that it doesn't take long to become addicted to nicotine and smoking. Within a short period of time, children can experience the same cravings and withdrawal symptoms as an adult, as well as smoke as many cigarettes or more. There are several reasons as to why children or teenagers start smoking. Peer pressure plays an important part. Many children start smoking because their friends have tried it or smoke themselves. Those children may have started as they have grown up in an environment where their parents, grandparents and older siblings smoke, and so they smoke in order to look and act like them. Other children start smoking as an act of rebellion or defiance against their parents or people of authority. Some children may also begin to smoke if they have low self-esteem. Smoking may get them in with the "in crowd" and help them to make friends. If they smoke, then they will be accepted by their peers. Some children have said that they smoke to appear older and more grown up, especially if they are surrounded by young adults who smoke. A number of children are only experimenting with smoking and just want to try it so see what all the fuss is about. As it is prohibited to smoke until the age of sixteen or even eighteen in some countries, children who smoke and get away with it without being caught, can get a thrill or feeling of excitement out of flaunting the law and doing what grown up adults do all the time. Whatever the reason that a teenager has for starting to smoke, it is apparent that no matter how much you ... (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 10/24/2012 9:15:17 PM
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