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2.1 Identify the positive outcomes for children and young people that practitioners should be striving to achieve
Children and young people value practitioners who enjoy working with them, who treat them with respect and who are good at communicating with them. Children’s practitioners place the interests of children and young people at the heart of their work. [ They share responsibility for a range of outcomes. They are committed to ensuring all children and young people have the chance to: be healthy,
stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, and experience economic well-being. They recognise children’s fundamental right to be safe, in order to reach other goals. Practitioners concern themselves with the whole child [1], whatever their specialism. Although their own involvement with specific children may be short-term, children’s practitioners work to develop the potential and capacities of children and young people for the longer term. Children’s practitioners are committed to equality of opportunity for all children and young people, and actively combat discrimination and its effects through their work. They respond positively and creatively to diversity among children and young people, families, and colleagues. Children’s practitioners pursue positive outcomes for children and young people whose circumstances place them at risk of exclusion or under-achievement. Practitioners recognise that respect, patience, honesty, reliability, resilience, trustworthiness and integrity are valued by children and young people, families and colleagues. By demonstrating these qualities in their work they help to nurture them in others. ........... 1 This implies that practitioners take a view of children in the round, and do not focus exclusively on, for example, their offending or their disability or their learning needs. ]
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