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Q: Explain how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding.
A: Demonstrative communication, the process of sending and receiving messages and involves exchanging thoughts, messages, or information. [ This form of communication includes verbal and nonverbal, written or visual, sending, and receiving of messages (Nayab, 2010). Communication in the manner of facial expressions, the tone of voice, or body language can either be effective or ineffective,
positive or negative, for both the sender and the receiver. This paper will provide examples showing how demonstrative communication can be effective, ineffective, positive, and negative for the sender and receiver in nonverbal and unwritten communication. This paper will attempt to explain how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding. Demonstrative communication is a tool to reinforce verbal communication but when used alone will also convey a message. The most common forms of nonverbal communication is the use of facial expressions and hand gestures. Hand gestures help one to keep the attention of an audience, however; if used excessively can become a distraction and have a negative effect, resulting in the audience not receiving the full message as intended. Body movement while talking can have the same positive and negative effects on an audience. Excessive movement back and forth, swaying from one side to another can distract and cause a loss of focus on the topic of discussion but if movement is kept at an appropriate level, it can keep the interest and attention of the receiver. ]
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Asked 8/13/2012 2:49:16 AM
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