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how can sports be explained in a sociological point of view?
it is also a part of the parent discipline of sociology, which is the study of human behavior and social interactions within particular contexts. [ Sports sociology examines sports as a part of cultural and social life, and adds a different dimension and perspective to the study of sports and exercise. More specifically, sports sociology examines the relationship between sports and society and
seeks answers to many issues and questions regarding sports and culture. Sports are a pervasive part of culture and are considered to be social constructions within society created by groups of individuals and based on values, interests, needs, and resources. Sport forms are created by groups of individuals. Each culture creates and uses sports for its own purposes; therefore, sports take different forms from culture to culture. This directly relates to the concept of physical activity and exercise for different cultures. Because of various factors, such as religion, politics, and economics, certain groups of individuals may have limited access or be restricted or forbidden to take part in sports and/or exercise activities. Thus the value of sports takes on different meanings in different cultures. Other factors, such as which controls sports, what rewards (intrinsic or extrinsic) are received from sports participation and the status of the athlete/participant, have some effect on the value and place of sports in a particular society. The purpose of this chapter is to familiarize the student with the social issues that permeate society and thus permeate sports. ]
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how can sports be explained in a sociological point of view?
Weegy: Do you need to finish your sentence? User: how can sports be explained in a sociological point of view? Weegy: Do you mean between the three theoretical approaches? 1. Structural-Functional Approach- Focuses on the uses of sports for a society. [ For example, some of the manifest (or obvious) functions include recreation, fitness, and the ability to express aggression in a positive, rather than destructive, way. Some overlooked functions of sports include the creation of social relationships between team members, its operation as a job source, and the encouragement of friendly competition. Sports can also have harmful effects. For instance, university students are often chosen for their athletic skills, to ensure the success of the school's sports team, rather than for academic merit. This damages both the academic standards of the school as well as the athlete's educational performance. 2. Social-Conflict Approach- Draws comparisons between sports and social inequality. For example, many sports, such as golf, are often expensive and thus limited to people with a higher income. This causes such sports to be reserved for a certain subset of the population, rather than the general society as a whole. In this way, sports can be a reflection of one's economic power and social standing. Another example regards gender. Sports teams are divided between men and women under the assumption that girls lack the same strength and stamina as men, or that women should value their femininity over activities that have traditionally been considered "male". Women's sports are not look upon with the same amount of value or popularity as men's sports. From a racial standpoint, most high-payed coaches and football players tend to be white. Studies have shown that white players are much more likely to be given offensive, central positions. 3. Symbolic-Interaction Approach- Views sports as a complex interaction between individuals with differing perceptions. Rather than ... (More)
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