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Q: as exercise levels increase, which of the following physiological changes occurs in the respiratory system?
A: The muscle cells in the body will use up more oxygen and produce more Carbon dioxide. The lungs will have to work harder to provide Oxygen and also remove Carbon dioxide. [ There will be an increase in breathing rate at the body will be trying hard to get as much oxygen as possible and to minimize the amount of oxygen debt. This will also happen after exercise as well as the body will have to
repay the body's oxygen debt. Respiratory Rate During Rest: 14 per minute During Exercise: 32 per minute Volume per breathe During Rest: 0.4 litres During Exercise: 2.4 litres Minute Volume During Rest: 5.6 litres During Exercise: 76.8 litres Long Term The muscles of the respiratory system such as the diaphragm and the intercostals muscles get stronger. This is so that they can make the chest cavity larger. Having a larger chest cavity means that you can also have a increased Vital capacity. This is because more air is able to be inspired. More capillaries are formed around the alveoli so that more gaseous exchange can take place and so that it is easier for it to happen. Gas exchange will also be able to happen more quickly meaning that exercise can be maintained at a higher intensity for longer. ]
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Asked 10/1/2013 8:14:42 AM
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