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Q: How to make yourself have a wet dream
A: Method To Voluntarily Wet Dream Postby Sharpy » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:54 am I have discovered a new method to make myself have wet dreams. I was wondering if this was just my piece of the cake or it works for everyone. [ Before I start, let me say that not masturbating is the #1 way to go to have a wet dream. This method just cuts the time down between masturbating for a wet dream to occur. For
example, lets say I can achieve a wet dream after two weeks of not masturbating. Using this method, I can then have a wet dream about 4-5 days after last masturbating. Anyways, here it goes. First, I take three pills Tylenol PM (I'm sure any kind of sleeping medicine works, but Tylenol PM is the only one that I have tried), and the dosage may be different from person to person. Next, I wait about 30-45 minutes until I am really tired (times vary). After I am really tired, I get about 4-5 STRONG mental images in my mind that turn me on. Quality is better than quantity in this case. I either imagine those images in my mind or actually look at them physically until I am really, really, really tired, like about to pass out in my chair. It is crucial to not get over anxious at this point and go lay in bed unless you are extremely tired and forcing yourself to stay awake. At this point, get into bed and lay down just as you normally would any other night. This time however, envision those 4-5 images in your mind that turn you and continue picturing them as you drift off to sleep (which should be relatively soon considering how tired you are). ]
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Asked 8/10/2013 2:01:50 AM
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