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Q: In writing a critical review of a novel, you should choose as your subject _____. A. everything in a novel B. an approach that can be C. declared in one sentence D. the retelling of the
A: A. everything in a novel
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User: In writing a critical review of a novel, you should choose as your subject _____. A. everything in a novel B. an approach that can be C. declared in one sentence D. the retelling of the plot

Weegy: A. everything in a novel
zaqueo|Points 80|

User: A sociological novelnovel of sentimentnovel of incidentpsychological novelpicaresque novelnovel of manners is a type of novel that places a great deal of emphasis on motives, circumstances, and interior characterization. Question #3TextMultipleChoice Score: A sociological novelnovel of sentimentpsychological novelpicaresque novelnovel of incidentnovel of manners is a type of novel that deals specifically with the nature, function, and effect of society and social forces on characters. Question #4TrueFalse Score: In Eliot's novel Silas Marner, the incident that brought Eppie to Silas was a new job. TrueFalse Question #5TextMultipleChoice Score: A novel of mannersnovel of sentimentpsychological novelnovel of incidentsociological novelpicaresque novel is characterized by portraying the lower classes. Question #6MultipleSelect Score: Select all of the qualities that best describe the character. Silas Marner honestintrovertedintelligentattractivebittercompassionatecharmingdistrustfulcowardlythief Question #7Matching Score: Match the description to the term. 1. concludes whether or not what the writer says is worthwhile dynamic character 2. examines how the author presents his message image 3. examines what the writer says symbol 4. a long prose narrative an analysis 5. a character that does not change over the duration of the story novel 6. a figure of speech, an unstated comparison plot 7. a literal and concrete representation of an experience an evaluation 8. a character that changes over the course of the story static character 9. series of planned incidents with a climax and resolution an interpretation 10. something that stands for something else but also has a literal identity metaphor Question #8TrueFalse Score: Plagiarism is not an issue as long as you do not use a source's exact words without quotation marks. TrueFalse Question #9MultipleSelect Score: Select all of the qualities that best describe the character. Godfrey Cass honestselfishintrovertedintelligentresponsiblecharmingkindheartedcowardlygenerousthief Question #10MultipleChoice Score: _____ is not one of the main components of literary criticism. AnalysisParaphraseEvaluationInterpretation Question #11TextMultipleChoice Score: A novel of sentimentmannersmotivesincident deals with customs. Question #12Paragraph Score: Skipped How should you support the thesis of your critical review? Rich Text EditorEditor toolbars Press ALT 0 for help Elements path Upload Answer File Max File Size : 10MB Accepted File Type : csv,doc,pdf,xls,xlsx,docx,jpeg,jpg,ppt,pptx,txt,rtf,mdb,accdb,pub,odf,odt,ods,odp File Actions No File UploadDelete Uploaded files will not be scored by WRITER. Question #13MultipleChoice Score: In Silas Marner, the character Nancy Lammeter could be described as _____. responsible and attractivepoor and shrewishplain and simple Question #14TextMultipleChoice Score: The primary task of the critical essayist who deals solely with the meaning of content is evaluationanalysisinterpretation. Question #15TextMultipleChoice Score: The set of events that bring the story to a close is the resolutionclimaxcomplicationexposition. Question #16MultipleSelect Score: Select all of the qualities that best describe the character. Dunstan honestevilarrogantdeceitfulselfishaffectionatethiefkindheartedcompassionate Question #17TextMultipleChoice Score: The information needed to understand a story is the climaxexpositionresolutioncomplication. Question #18TextMultipleChoice Score: A novel of sentimentnovel of incidentpicaresque novelnovel of mannerssociological novelpsychological novel is a type of novel that deals with domestic tragedy. Question #19TrueFalse Score: A parenthetical citation may never contain only the page number of a source. TrueFalse Question #20MultipleChoice Score: Silas Marner might be considered a novel of _____. motivesmannersincidentsentiment Question #21TextMultipleChoice Score: The turning point in the story that occurs when characters try to resolve the complication is the complicationexpositionresolutionclimax. Question #22TextMultipleChoice Score: The catalyst that begins the major conflict is the expositionclimaxresolutioncomplication. Question #23MultipleChoice Score: A hanging indent is _____. the reverse of a paragraph indenttwice as large as a paragraph indentalso called "block formatting"

Asked 9/27/2013 11:30:06 AM
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