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Q: Do traditional media have an advantage over emerging media? If so, what are they? If not, why not?
A: Although traditional media has it's own advantages the appeal of current and emerging online media is taking the business world by storm. [ The early adopters of online marketing are cleaning up right now but online media channels such as blogging, mobile marketing and the biggest source of all, social media networking is allowing the smaller players in the market to command a bigger chunk of
the market share. How is this possible? The advantages of emerging media over traditional media are listed below: The customer reach for business owners is highly extended using online media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, mention a few. Facebook alone has 700 million users to date and growing all the time. Most social media networking sites are free to use as apposed to traditional print media which costs a huge sum of money to list an ad in a publication Social Media Marketing as a concept is growing and changing daily giving more opportunity to acquire customers. Disadvantage is that information overload and technical know-how may become a barrier to all adopting new media channels. Mobile Marketing is taking the world by storm. 72% of smartphone owners are now searching for things on their phones. Developing your own Phone app(application) and giving it away to customers will bring massive amounts of visitors to you website. Traditional print mediums such as Yellow pages are becoming extinct with more people now searching for your business online rather than contacting you through a classified ad in a newspaper. Video Marketing has become the new way to share content. Just take a look at how often videos are being uploaded to Youtube. Answer: 24 Hours of content is being uploaded every minute via videos on Youtube. Video sharing sites make it possible to reach thousands if not millions of prospects with a single video. Using Social Media Networking sites allows you as a business owner to open up more effective communication channels with both new and existing customers. ]
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Asked 6/25/2012 5:28:30 AM
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