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Q: Describe how you can balance academic expectations and your personal and professional responsibilities.
A: Balancing academics with my social life creates a lot of procrastination. There could be an assignment due the next day but there will always be that peer pressure to join your friends in whatever activities they may decide to do. [ It’s hard at times, balancing your school work and balancing your social life. There could be a fight between your friends or even a fight between you and your
girlfriend; therefore, interrupting your whole focus on whatever assignment you had been responsible for. One hundred percent of the time you must put your school work first before anything and once it is done than you can balance out whatever else is going on. I have had exams, projects, and major assignments almost in every class. When it comes exam time the plan is to study two nights in a row. The first night I like to call an overview where you look at the material and skim through it so my mind gets used to the information. The next and final day to study I usually study with note cards or rewrite everything down to get it into my head faster. For me, it usually works. Projects are usually big so time must be used properly when completing an assignment like such. Any other major assignments my plan is usually just to start it as early as possible and get the essentials down first so you can branch off and finish the rest of the assignment further towards the due date. Last semester meeting with my teacher became a huge help. Studying was becoming a problem for me in a sociology class and my grades were not up to my expectations. The last test came around and emailing my teacher asking for help lead me to her office the next day. Sitting in her office for about forty five minutes she explained to me almost everything I needed to know. She spread out the material in front of me and taught me in those forty five minutes, I couldn’t have thanked her enough. Leaving her office on my way to take the final exam I was astonished at what professors really can do for you. ]
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Asked 11/25/2012 8:51:17 PM
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