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what is the difference between parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma?
Parenchyma - most abundant cell type in plants (e.g. [ cells making up the fundamental ground tissues; usually unspecialized; characteristics include: living at maturity with a very thin cell wall large vacuole for storage and sequestering of materials large amount of intracellular space spherical relatively regular shape very elastic (can change shape and then return to original shape with
little deformation) Functions of parenchyma cells include: photosynthesis storage secretion Collenchyma - found just below the epidermis in petiole (e.g. celery stalks), leaves, and young stems; usually specialized; characteristics include: living at maturity irregularly thickened cell walls (+cellulose) prism shaped plastic (can change shape but do not usually return to the original shape; remain deformed) Functions of collenchyma cells include: support some involvement in transport of nutrients Sclerenchyma - in mature parts of the plant, especially in woody plants and herbaceous perennials; specialized; characteristics include: dead at maturity - protoplast is absent very thick, sclerified cell wall (+lignin) impermeable to water and other nutrients in cells specialized for transport of water and nutrients, the cell wall contains holes called pits. Functions include: support protection transport of water and nutrients Specific examples of sclerenchyma cells: fibers - long and slender sclerids (stone cells) - relatively spherical; the gritty texture of pears is due to the presence of stone cells. ]
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