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Social structures sometimes have negative consequences for the operation of society as a whole. What is the term for these negative consequences? Answer social structure eufunctions social
functions social dysfunctions dysfunction
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User: Social structures sometimes have negative consequences for the operation of society as a whole. What is the term for these negative consequences? Answer social structure eufunctions social functions social dysfunctions

Weegy: dysfunction
Narkotiq|Points 317|

User: W.E.B. Du Bois claimed that _____ was the major problem facing the United States during the twentieth century. Answer class race gender ethnicity

User: A statement of how and why specific facts are related is called a(n):

User: The ancient Romans saw the stars as gods. Comte would classify Roman society as which of the following types?

Weegy: Comte would classify Roman society as theological stage.
jeifunk|Points 7356|

User: Which pioneering sociologist founded Chicago's Hull House to assist immigrants and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

User: We would expect the sociological perspective to be most likely to develop in a place that was: Answer very traditional. experiencing many social changes. very poor. small and socially isolated.

Weegy: D.small and socially isolated.
Comforse49|Points 10|

User: We would expect the sociological perspective to be most likely to develop in a place that was:

Weegy: Do you need to finish your sentence?
sharpies|Points 8543|

User: The major goal of sociology's pioneers, including Comte and Durkheim, was: Answer to change social patterns and events. to help build an "ideal society." to discover how society actually operates. to prevent disruptive social change.

Weegy: to change social patterns and events.
Expert answered|latefisher|Points 3088|

User: A sociological analysis of childbearing around the world suggests that the number of children born to a woman reflects: Answer her preference for family size. how many children she can afford. whether she herself was born into a poor or rich society. the desires of her husband.

Weegy: her preference for family size.
Expert answered|latefisher|Points 3088|

User: Which of the following would be the focus of a social-conflict analysis of sports?

Weegy: How sports reflects social inequality
Expert answered|latefisher|Points 3088|

User: In a questionnaire, the question, "Please state your opinions about the likelihood of another major terrorist attacks at home," is an example of which of the following?

Asked 10/13/2012 6:24:24 PM
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