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Explain how the following types of risk factors and protective factors influence levels of resilience in individuals and groups in relation to mental wellbeing and mental health- risk factors including inequalities, poor quality social relationships; protective factors including socially valued roles; social support and contact
Weegy: protective factors are associated with positive mental health outcomes, the strength of association and level of evidence for causation varies. This means that no causal relationship can be assumed for either a single or combination of factors. [ Generally, the protective factors can be summarised as: 1. Psycho-social, life and coping skills of individuals, e.g. increasing a sense of self-esteem and autonomy. 2. Social support as a buffer against adverse life events, e.g. self-help groups, someone to talk to. 3. Access to resources and services which protect mental well-being, e.g. increasing benefit uptake and increasing opportunities for physical, creative and learning activities. Risk factors These are factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing poorer mental health and that are associated with poorer outcomes for people with mental health problems. Again, however, the strength of the association and level of evidence for causation varies so no causal relationship can be assumed for any individual or combination of factors. Generally, the risk factors can be summarised as: 1. The incidence or the impact of negative life events and experiences for individuals, e.g abuse, relationship breakdown, long term illness or disability 2. Social isolation and exclusion 3. The impact of deprivation and structural inequalities in health In order to explore the implications for policy and practice of mental health inequalities it may be helpful to look in more detail at three distinct risk factors: economic disadvantage and employment status; mental health and physical health; social capital and social support. Again, consideration needs to be given to how these factors are distributed and impact at individual, family and community levels, but also on specific social groups. ] (More)
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