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In ancient Athens (Greece) tribes and generals took turns at power. This is an example of what type of political system? A) dictatorship B) monarchy C) oligarchy D)
representative democracy
Let's make a clarification. Your terms (a-e) are modern political terms and they do not comply all to the terms used during the ancient years. [ Also tribes and generals influenced the political life of ancient Athens but they never took turns at power as such (tribes,generals). Ancient Athens was mostly known for their pure democratic political system (d) which was applied during 5th century
B.C. Each person from a tribe as well each general had equally the right to vote and to be voted as every other "politis" (citizen). During the 7th century in Athens the old monarchy (b) was transformed to tyranny (nothing to do with dictatorship which is a modern political term) (tyran was a person who obtained the leader's position by violence,he was not elected by people). In ancient Athens though tyrans in order to fight the political strengh of those holding substantial land property gave more rights to the poorest social groups. Tribes' role changed by the laws established by Kleisthenes and Solon. Then aristocracy was an oligarchic political system who governed ancient Athens until democracy was established. The generals dealt exclusively with military duties, they had no other responsibilities. I am not sure I have answered your question but for more info I have marked below two sites you cand find useful info. Also an excellent book which will assist you is : "Histoire den doctrines politiques en Grece", ?d.Les presses Universitaires de France ( ? think it must have been translated in English) Source(s): ]
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