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Critically Examins Labour Welfare Measures In India
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User: Critically Examins Labour Welfare Measures In India

Weegy: Is there a question for me?
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User: Critically examins labour welfare measures; in India.

Weegy: Labour and Labour Welfare sub-sector consists of six main programmes viz. [ Labour Administration, Rehabilitation of bonded labour, Assistance to Labour Cooperatives, Craftsmen training programme, Apprenticeship training programme, Employment Services and Sanjay Gandhi Swavalamban Yojana. Manpower, employment policy and labour welfare in India: post-independence developments: Many researches has been done in the following themes, such as 1. Manpower: trends and magnitude. 2. Employment policies and programmes. 3. Labour welfare: legal framework and initiatives. 4. Women workers: legislations and empowerment. 5. Industrial relations and labour laws. 6. Restructuring of labour laws: the great debate. 7. Labour laws and welfare: India and ILO. 8. Labour reforms: India and WTO. II. India's Five Year Plans at a glance. III. Edited extracts from India's Five Year Plans on employment and labour related matters (I plan to X plan including mid-term appraisal of the X Plan). Strengthening of Medical wing of the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health There are different types of industries in Maharashtra like heavy and light engineering, heavy and light chemical industries, petrochemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, textile and Electronic Industries. All these pose their own potential hazards, which may cause acute and chronic side effects on the health of the workers. In Maharashtra, the chemical factories which include heavy chemical complexes or small chemical factories which may produce acute effects on the health of the workers to such an extent that it may result in death. Pesticides spilled on the body of the workers are equally dangerous. ]
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