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Nucleic acids are associated with the cell membrane. True False
Weegy: nucleic acids contain genetic information. they are used in protein synthesis and reproduction of the cell it is in. User: Carrying the genetic code and determining an organism's structure and function are the functions of _____. DNA RNA Weegy: This is a function of a. DNA. User: Regulating the manufacture of _____ is the function of RNA. protein cells energy Weegy: The function of RNA is to regulate the manufacture of a. protein. User: The substance on which the enzyme acts is called the _____. enzyme substrate catalyst buffer Weegy: The substance on which the enzyme acts is called the substrate. User: _____ modify the rate of enzyme activity. Cells Carbohydrates Nucleic acids User: Lipids are water-soluble. True False Weegy: Lipids are water-soluble. ANSWER: "False". Source: User: Carbohydrates are converted to energy by the process of hydrolysis. True False User: All proteins carry the genetic codes that determine the structure and function of an organism. True False User: Which of the following is the most abundant source of carbohydrates? vegetables butter beef fish User: Enzyme, antibody, hormone, and muscle are roles played by _____. carbohydrates proteins lipids nucleic acids Weegy: nucleic acids User: If one amino acid in a protein sequence is changed, what could happen? It could become a carbohydrate. Normal bodily functions can change. Proteins are so complex that one amino acid won't make a difference. Weegy: Normal bodily functions can change. User: Bonds between amino acids are what type of bonds? covalent peptide hydrogen ionic Question #13MultipleChoice Score: The largest molecules in organisms are _____. carbohydratesproteinslipidsnucleic acids Question #14MultipleChoice Score: Sugar is a component of which of the following? carbohydrateslipidsnucleic acids Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following can be used as lamp oil? carbohydrateslipidsnucleic ... (More)
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Emotional language is defined as __________. A. ordinary speech ...
Weegy: Emotional language is defined as the use of words to create a desired emotion from the audience.
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In general, anxiety disorders __________.
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10/36 - 1/9 = User: 55/63 x 7/5
Weegy: 55 * 63.2 = 3476 User: evaluate 5.8 - (3.6) 2nd power + 8.2 User: -19 -
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Whats 25% off of $12.99
Weegy: how can i help you ?
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Identify the infinitive phrase and its use in the sentence below. ...
Weegy: To speak clearly is essential to being understood. The infinitive phrase is 'to speak' and its use as the ...
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4.True or false. The present value is always smaller than the future ...
Weegy: False is a statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not the whole truth, ...
11/28/2015 12:42:08 AM| 1 Answers
What was the effect of the 16th Amendment? A. It allowed workers to ...
Weegy: It granted Congress the power to tax incomes was the effect of the 16th Amendment. User: Which of the ...
11/28/2015 1:15:40 AM| 1 Answers
A document in portrait prints: a. The same characters per line as ...
Weegy: a. The same characters per line with the same document in landscape
11/28/2015 5:10:20 AM| 1 Answers
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