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Explain Wheelock and Uggen article "Race, poverty and punishment: The impact of criminal sanctions on racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequality" on how Criminal sanctions and victimization work
to form a system of disadvantage that perpetuates stratification and poverty.
The enviroment in which one is reared determines their perspective on life and shapes the principles by which they live. [ [ If, let's say you grow up in a country that constantly says the western world is evil and this is fed to you in schools as well as through the media- more likely than not it is what you would believe. It is not difficult comphrehending how a distorted view of the world
leads people to terrorism. Peer pressure also comes into play in the city where there are gangs- and to be considered anybody you must prove yourself to these kinds of people. The odds are a situation like this will lead to crime. ] ]
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Asked 6/6/2013 11:49:10 PM
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