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Explain the importance of valuing children's interests and experiences?
Whether the interest is a predictable one for the age group or a rather unusual one unique to the individual child, there are many reasons for nurturing it. • An individual interest, when supported, expands our horizons. [ It opens the door to new experiences, new information, new skills. It leads to new possibilities and helps the child to appreciate the power and joy of learning, of going into
new territory. Pursuing an interest can encourage creativity, experimentation, exploration, and reasonable risk taking. • It helps the child and others to see her- or himself as an individual. It is in fact our interests and passions that contribute to our uniqueness, that define us. • When others notice and support a child’s interests it helps the child see him-or herself as “effective”, as someone who can make a difference, have an impact. • Unique interests are a testimony to diversity, and when children are in situations where individual interests are encouraged, they develop a sense of the richness of diversity. • Nurturing and valuing unique talents, interests and strengths can contribute significantly to the wellbeing of others and the entire community. Children learn the value of collaboration and working together with each person making a unique contribution. ]
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Asked 2/9/2012 12:50:22 PM
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