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10 ways in air pollution can impact on ones health negatively
Pollution starts from within an individual. When the heart is corrupt with envy, greed, hatred, anger then one is not thinking in the right direction. [ So you amass more wealth than you deserve, and generate more waste than you can control. In the community those responsible for polluting the environment cause the following havoc: 1. Bad or poor air quality: When you have a rich man owe more
cars than he needs, and instead of his family travelling in one, 4 cars leave a compound, generating emissions. Or that poor man uses fire wood to cook, or that industry using generator all day. Then the air is congested with different elements. People cannot inhale oxygen, it leads to lungs sickness. 2. Water: The discharge from that paint, or textile, or aluminium industry goes into the river, the only source of water that the poor community can drink. Fishes die, children and adults get sick. 3. Acid rain: Even the industrialized nations impact can rain on me here. 4.Global warming: The Aircondition market is doing well, before we can enjoy this planet without it, but dare sleep at night without aircondition, or get hired in place without it, you will feel like dying, inshort you sweat and produce the water you need for shower. 5.It increases faith in deity: Today look at what is happening in sub sahara, one will think of old testament stories of famine, so now ignorant people attribute the follishness of man to acts of deity. God loves all his children and has provided good things, but man makes it bad. 6.New business: Those who know whats up will create new business on going green, sustainability etc and exploit Fed govts, world bank etc, in the name of global warming their pockets are warmed up. 7. Innovation: People are also creating new ways of doing things or returning back to previous style, they have realized that what was termed as development was a tool of extermination. So the original african old life style is the best after all. So green cars, solar this and that. 8.Poor agricultural produce: No food for the cattles, then it cannot produce dungs for plants to grow. ]
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Asked 4/29/2013 1:39:01 AM
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