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the defining characteristics of this close relationship. Use the information presented in Ch. 11 to formulate your response.
To help give you a chance to think about your ideas and assumptions about relationships, in each session you will find some questionnaires and self-assessments. [ Knowing your own tendencies in close relationships - for example, pushing or pulling away when things are not going well - can be an important step to improving them. I will also recommend resources to consult so that you can
"follow along" with the course in other published materials and pursue some topics further on your own. Some of what we offer here can be applied readily to your own relationships, like an effective advice column. But this is not therapy; it is a course of instruction and study. No single research finding or lesson will apply successfully to every life. Complex problems don't have simple solutions. One size does not fit all! What you derive from this Web seminar series depends on what you seek and what you put into the quest. It's intended to be as intriguing as a magazine article - and, we intend, more reliable, accurate and useful. This first session emphasizes a point that may not need emphasis, especially since you are already reading this far: Relationships matter. And so does their "care and feeding." With effort and intelligence, intimacy can be an experience of both mystery and enlightenment. ]
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