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In not more than 200 words explain how the Telecommunications industry has impacted positively on National development and Globalisation (Mention at least 3 areas of impact): *
The service revenue of the global telecom industry was estimated to be $1.7trillion in 2008. [ These services include wireless communications, communication equipments and related ancillary services such as sales and marketing of equipments, installation and repairs of gadgets. This has over the years generated over 40 million jobs globally, reducing the mitigating effects of world economic
crisis which had crumbled the world economy. There is no perfect society devoid of quarrels, misunderstandings, violence; verbal and physical. This translates into the world at large; diplomatic rows, boundary disputes, genocide e.t.c. Telecommunication and indeed telecom industry has made it possible to check the menace posed by communal classes and diplomatic vendetta. It becomes possible to monitor wars and other happenings within a location through the world geographical satellites. Disasters such as the Tsunami in Japan were adequately managed to prevent the extinctions of the whole generations of people via relief materials donated by philanthropist and other donors. Through internet, ideas, views, products can be shared easily from the comfort of one’s room. Online trading activities which includes Forex trading has directly being facilitated and this has contributed immensely to the gross domestic products of an economy. Intra and inter trading activities has been equally affected through effective communication. ]
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