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identify individuals who may be at risk of impaired tissue viability and skin breakdown
OCR Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care 1 358 IDENTIFY THE INDIVIDUAL AT RISK OF SKIN BREAKDOWN AND UNDERTAKE THE APPROPRIATE RISK ASSESSMENT Unit overview Elements of competence 358a Identify individuals at risk of skin breakdown 358b Prepare for [ [ and carry out risk assessment 358c Report on, review and update the risk assessment About this unit For this unit you need to undertake risk
assessment in relation to pressure area care and the risk of skin breakdown. This assessment will take place across a variety of health and social care settings, throughout hospitals, including operating departments, hospices, nursing and residential homes, day centres, and individuals’ own homes. Risk assessment will include the use of different assessment tools selected for use to fit the individual and the environment. The assessment could be undertaken by a variety of staff within the varied care settings and is an ongoing process demanding constant review and evaluation. Scope The scope is here to give you guidance on possible areas to be covered in this unit. The terms in this section give you a list of options linked with items in the performance criteria. ] ]
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Use equipment to maintain the individual in the appropriate position
Weegy: Meaning and definition: Moving and handling is defined as any activity that connects pushing, pulling, carrying, [ lifting or moving where the above activities place people at danger and must not be carried out without thought and awareness to organizational policies and procedures. Moving and positioning is a significant area in health and social care as there are hundreds of injuries every year as a result of accidents acquired when we move people where an accident may cause serious injury to the individual being moved and have long term effects on the care worker carrying out the move, which may consequence in disability and pain for the rest of our lives. We should remember that injury can also be acquires as a result of not moving a non-living object properly ] (More)
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Weegy: In summary, a pressure ulcer can be deemed unavoidable when: All risk assessments and preventive care have been implemented and re-evaluated, [ [ yet a pressure ulcer still occurs; A life-threatening event may have occurred; A patient may have end-of-life skin changes; A patient with mental capacity may have refused preventive interventions; A patient may have been in a collapsed state, unknown to health are many risks associated with pressure ulcer development but, essentially, people with no impairment to sensation and mobility are unlikely to develop a pressure ulcer. However, this could oversimplify the risk as it implies that the only risk factors are reduced mobility and loss of sensation, which is not the case. ] ] (More)
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