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Q: list at least five events or major concepts from each of the three periods in the history of modern personality psychology. 1930-1950; 1950-1970; 1970-present.
A: 1932 - Jean Piaget becomes the foremost cognitive theorist with the publication of his work The Moral Judgment of Children. 1935 - Henry Murray publishes the Thematic Appreception Test (TAT). 1942 - Carl Rogers developed client-centered therapy [ and publishes Counseling and Psychotherapy. His approach encourages respect and positive regard for patients. 1952 - The Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders is published. 1954 - Abraham Maslow publishes Motivation and Personality, describing his theory of a hierarchy of needs. He also helps found humanistic psychology. 1958 - Harry Harlow publishes The Nature of Love, which describe his experiments with rhesus monkey's on the importance of attachment and love. 1961 - Albert Bandura conducts his now famous Bobo doll experiment. 1963 - Albert Bandura first describes the concept of observational learning to explain personality development. 1974 - Stanley Milgram publishes Obedience to Authority, which presented the findings of his famous obedience experiments. 1980 - The DSM-III is published. 1990 - Noam Chomsky publishes On Nature, Use and Acquisition of Language. 1991 - Steven Pinker publishes an article in Science introducing his theory of how children acquire language, which he later details further in his book The Language Instinct. 1994 - The DSM-IV is published. 2000 - Genetic researchers finish mapping human genes. Scientists hope to one day isolate the individual genes responsible for different diseases. 2002 - Steven Pinker publishes The Blank Slate, arguing against the concept of tabula rasa. Source: ]
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