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Erythrocytes are an example of specialized cells. True False Question #16MultipleChoice Score: The only haploid cells found in humans are _____. gametesneuronszygotes Question #17MultipleChoice
Score: A cell spends approximately 90% of its cycle in _____. M phaseS phaseinterphaseG0 phase Question #18MultipleChoice Score: Gametes are _____. reproductive organsreproductive cellsreproductive tissues Question #19MultipleSelect Score: Disadvantages of asexual reproduction are _____. only the same basic kinds of animals can interbreed successfullyrapid reproduction can cause water pollutionmutations or disorders continue to be passed on for generations Question #20MultipleChoice Score: Unicellular organisms would most likely have _____. isogametesanisogametesoogametes Question #21MultipleChoice Score: Sister chromatids separate during _____. metaphaseanaphasetelophaseprophase Question #22MultipleChoice Score: While looking at bacteria under a microscope, you decide to take a break. When you return, the amount of bacteria has doubled in size. Your break probably only took _____. 24 hours1-3 hours8 hours48 hours Question #23MultipleChoice Score: The Redwood trees in Oregon are huge. They increase in size and weight by _____. binary fissionmultiple fissionmitosismeiosis Question #24MultipleChoice Score: When the daughter cells split or divide from the parent cell, it is called _____. a cleavage furrowbuddingcytokinesisfragmentation Question #25TrueFalse Score: Hormones can stimulate cell regulators to increase cell reproduction. TrueFalse Question #26TrueFalse Score: At the end of meiosis II, four daughter cells are produced. TrueFalse Question #27TextMultipleChoice Score: If it wasn't for sexualasexual reproduction, the passing of mutations from one generation to the next would continue. Question #28TrueFalse Score: During the G2 phase of the cell cycle, DNA material is being duplicated. TrueFalse Question #29MultipleChoice Score: _____ is the asexual reproduction method conducted by starfish in which new organisms can grow from its sections. Binary fissionMultiple fissionFragmentationBudding Question #30MultipleChoice Score: The chromosome number in animals is kept the same from one generation to the next because of _____. binary fissionmultiple fissionmitosismeiosis
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