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Q: which resources that you have identified as present in the community? can this be utilize in your teaching? how?
A: Course Description Examination of how the relationship between schools, families, and communities impacts the school adjustment of children during middle childhood and early adolescence as well as the roles of school personnel, parents, [ and community agents. Models and methods for facilitating positive relationships are considered. Resources for the education of children within families and
communities are investigated. Course Requirements and Grading Attendance and Class Participation It is important that you come to class prepared to participate in class discussion. This means that you must read the required reading prior to attending class. To receive credit for the course, both attendance and participation are expected. Class members who are absent more than twice need to make a specific written agreement with the instructor in advance (if possible) about making up the absence. Class Presentations Each participant will make two class brief class presentations (one with a partner). A handout or other form of accessible visual aid is required for each presentation. Presentation One (15 minutes) entails a review of information about parents/families from specific populations, thus enabling the class members to receive broader exposure to information about diverse parents/families than would be practical without sharing. Class members will work with a partner. Choices include but are not limited to: fathers, divorced or divorcing parents, step parents/blended families, low-income parents, immigrant parents (and/or ESL parents), parents/families from specific ethnic or racial groups (choose one group), multiracial families, parents with low literacy levels, parents of special needs children (may limit to type of disability), adoptive parents, gay and lesbian parents, parents gifted/talented, dual employed parents, alcoholic parents, violent parents, neglectful parents, unemployed parents, or families dealing with catastrophic problems. See list below. Other choices may be suggested and approved by the instructor. Each class participant will select a specific population and complete some out-of-class reading on the topic. ]
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