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Which type of tissue is made of cells that contract and relax? A. nervous tissue B. epithelial tissue C. muscle tissue D. connective tissue
C. muscle tissue
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User: Which type of tissue is made of cells that contract and relax? A. nervous tissue B. epithelial tissue C. muscle tissue D. connective tissue

Weegy: C. muscle tissue
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User: From simplest to most complex the four levels of organization of the human body are? A. tissues, cells, organs and organ systems. B. cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. C. organ systems, tissues, cells and organs. D. cells, organs, tissues and organ systems.

Weegy: B. Cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.
unforsaekn|Points 27|

User: Which type of tissue covers the body, lines internal surfaces and forms glands? A. nervous tissue B. connective tissue C. muscle tissue D. epithelial tissue

Weegy: D. epithelial tissue
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User: Cells such as nerve and muscle cells contain more mitochondria than other cells. Why? A. Nerve and muscle cells use more energy. B. Nerve and muscle cells store more nutrients. C. Nerve and muscle cells degrade more proteins. D. Nerve and muscle cells divide more frequently.

Weegy: A. Nerve and muscle cells use more energy **remember that the mitochondria are the "power house" organelle of the cell, providing energy through the phosphoralation of ATP**
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User: This cell is representative of the ________ system. A. skeletal B. nervous C. endocrine D. muscular

Weegy: A. endocrine
danab1019|Points 266|

User: The excretory system consists of which of the following organs? A. stomach, liver, pancreas B. lungs, nose, trachea C. kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder D. brain, spinal cord, sense organs

Weegy: C. kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder
sipichapie|Points 4642|

User: A group of similar cells that perform a specific function is a(n) A. organ system. B. organ. C. tissue. D. organism.

Weegy: C. tissue. a tissue is a similar group of cells that perform the same function.
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During transcription from DNA to RNA, which base occurs only in RNA? A. uracil B. thymine C. adenine D. cytocine User: During translation, a ribosome attaches to the messenger RNA (mRNA) transcript. What does the transfer RNA (tRNA) molecule transfer to the ribosome? A. RNA polymerase B. DNA polymerase C. a polypeptide D. an amino acid
Weegy: uracil Transcription: In the nucleus, DNA is unzipped by DNA helicase. This DNA is then copied by DNA polymerase III to form a new copy of RNA. [ The RNA will then leave the nucleus via a nuclear pore and enter the cytoplasm. Translation: In the cytoplasm, The RNA (which contains A,U,C,G not A.C,T,G like DNA) will bind to a ribosome. Only 2 ribosomes are able to bind to the RNA at any given time. tRNA molecules in the cytoplasm will bind to the complementary bases of the RNA. The tRNA molecules are a triplet codon which recognises a 3 base sequence on the RNA*. This tRNA molecule is also attached to an amino acid, e.g AUG is methionine. As the 2 ribosomes move down the length of the RNA strand 2 tRNA anticodons will be brought in close proximity and so a peptide bond will form between the 2 amino acids attached to them. The ribosomes will move along the entire length of the RNA and a polypeptide is synthesised. The polypeptide can then be cleaved in several different places to make several different proteins. This is how one length of DNA can code for many different proteins. *a triplet codon is used as this enables the full 20 amino acids to be coded for. If one base coded for one amino acid there could only eb 4 possible amino acids. If 2 bases coded for an amino acid then there still not be enough possible codes. However when 3 bases are used there are more possible codes than amino acids, this is why one amino acid can have several different base sequence codes ] (More)
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