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list the ranks in nigerian navy
· Second Lieutenant. · Lieutenant · Captain · Major · Lieutenant Colonel · Colonel · Brigadier · Major General · [ Lieutenant General · General · Field Marshal Military Ranks of the Nigerian Armed Forces - The History
behind those names - By Nowamagbe A. Omoigui RANK The word rank originated in the 14th century., from the Old French word ranc. "Ranc" itself is of proto-germanic origin from the word khrengaz meaning "circle, ring." The use of the term in the context of a "social position" began around 1430; while the context of "put in order, classify" came into use in 1592. The term 'Rank and file' was first used in 1598, in the context of soldiers marching in formation, but was subsequently generalized to mean "common soldiers" in 1796. In modern usage, a rank is a title insignia that defines the relative position of soldiers and officers in the military hierarchy. Over the years, particularly in the sixties, observers of Nigerian military affairs may have noticed that ranks may be further qualified by phrases like 'Acting' Brigadier, 'Temporary' Major, 'Substantive' Lt. Colonel, 'Local' Captain, etc. A Substantive rank e.g. S/Major is a legally confirmed and permanent rank with appropriate salary and perks. A Temporary rank e.g. T/Major is one that is conferred for a short period of time, typically for a specific task or mission or to enable maintenance of regimental discipline by allowing a junior officer take on responsibilities that exceed that which otherwise be appropriate for his substantive rank. During the period of rapid Nigerianization in the sixties, for example, this was often a mechanism for dealing with manpower shortage. To allow indigenous Nigerian command of Brigade level formations, Lt. Cols. JTU Aguiyi-Ironsi and Samuel Adesoji Ademulegun were double promoted to the rank of T/Brigadier in 1962. Then Lt. Col. Zak Maimalari followed suit, joining Babatunde Ogundipe as Nigeria's fourth Brigadier. ]
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