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How can bail be considered unusual and cruel? a. bail is not available for a petty crime c. bail is a denied for all crime b. bail is set a extremely high in comparison to the crime d. bail is paid
but person is not released
B. You can't have bail at 1million dollars for robbing a grocery store..
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Asked 6/21/2013 12:42:16 AM
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Ultimately the controversial case of Roe v. Wade, that involves the issue of abortion, is a right to privacy case true or false? User: Laws that are passed restricting abortion, in any manner, would fall under the category of substantive due process true or false? User: What is the main purpose of police? a. to arrest criminals c. to execute public safety b. to attain evidence d. to protect public property
Weegy: The main purpose of police is c. to execute public safety. User: Which of the following is TRUE about the 2nd Amendment? a. The 2nd Amendment places no limitations on guns within the United States. b. The United States government cannot limit a person’s right to own a gun. c. The amendment’s original aim was to preserve the idea of the citizen-soldier. d. The 2nd Amendment actually states that no citizen my own a gun. Weegy: The amendment?s original aim was to preserve the idea of the citizen-soldier. User: The main purpose of the exclusionary rule is to a. deter police misconduct. b. prevent people who are clearly guilty from going free. c. allow certain kinds of "tainted" evidence to be used in court. d. allow for honest mistakes by police officers. Weegy: EXCLUSIONARY RULE The exclusionary rule permits a criminal defendant to prevent the prosecution from introducing at trial otherwise admissible evidence that was obtained in violation of the Constitution. [ In a sense the term "exclusionary rule" is misleading, because there are many exclusionary rules. Some, such as the rule against hearsay, exclude evidence because it is not very reliable. Others, such as a rule prohibiting a witness from testifying if the calling party did not disclose the witness before trial, are sanctions for the failure to comply with a nonconstitutional rule. While every legal system excludes some evidence deemed irrelevant or untrustworthy, the constitutional exclusionary rule is unusual in rejecting highly probative evidence, often with the consequence of nullifying a meritorious prosecution. It is therefore not surprising that the exclusionary rule has occasioned sustained and sometimes bitter controversy. A simple example helps to explain both the practical operation, and the controversial nature, of the exclusionary rule. Suppose the police stop a driver for speeding, and in the course of issuing the citation they discover cocaine in the glove compartment of ... (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 6/20/2013 10:00:53 PM
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One thing the Civil War proved was that a. the Federal Government had to take control of prohibiting slavery, rather than leave that decision to the States. b. thereafter, the draft would have to be considered “involuntary servitude.” c. a distinction would have to be made between slavery and involuntary servitude. d. racial discrimination led to slavery
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Updated 5/8/2015 11:23:09 AM
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One thing the Civil War proved was that the Federal Government had to take control of prohibiting slavery, rather than leave that decision to the States.

Added 5/8/2015 11:22:59 AM
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