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explain key research findings which show the importance of parental involvement in their children's learning in their early years
Changes in children's behavior may be a sign of stress in the home, or school, environment. It could be a sign that medication the child is on is having side effects or the child is developing a problem.
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explain key research findings which show the importance of parential involvement in their chldren's learning in their early years
Weegy: Social class, income, living conditions and parents’ own education levels are clearly related to child outcomes, but the quality of the ‘home learning environment’ is even more important. [ Parents may live in disadvantaged circumstances and may not have achieved well educationally, but if they regularly engage in activities which help to ‘stretch a child’s mind’ as part of everyday life at home, they can enhance their child’s progress and development. Children with strong home learning environments are already ahead in both social and intellectual development at the age of three. This advantage continues through to age seven, and the latest report concludes that the effect is maintained through to age 10 (Sylva et al, 2004; Sammons et al, 2007). ] (More)
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explain the importance of clear principles and policies to support the engagement of parents in their child's early learning
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By having clear principles and policies, everyone knows what is expected of them, why and what support is available. Having clear policies in place ensures the parents and the settings can support each other effectively and work together to support the child's learning.
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