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Q: write brief account that describes examples of inclusive practice.
A: write brief account that describes examples of inclusive practice. Answer: Inclusive practice could be anything that treats the person as an individual, respecting their wishes & rights to choice, privacy, independence, [ to be treated with dignity & respect. It depends on your job role as to how you can do this eg. if a community care worker you wouldn't turn up at someone's house at 7.30am
if they had stated they don't wish to get up til 9am, or call someone by their first name if they wished to be addressed as Mrs...., or someone who is hearing-impaired having the right to an interpreter. Making sure students with disabilities are help to high standards and given the support they need to succeed in the regular ed classroom. All students' educational needs are met effectively via best practices employed by the teacher, and when applicable, the teacher assistant or special ed coteacher. It's also an educational term which means that a student with a disability should be given a least restrictive placement. There is a continuum of placements for those with disabilities. At the bottom, the student is given a 504 (usually just extra time on tests) and nothing else. If the disability requires modifications to the curriculum or special supports to the student, an IEP is written. If possible, the student is placed into all regular ed courses. If this is not possible, the student is put into regular ed plus learning support for a certain number of hours each day. If that's not effective enough, the student is put into special ed classroom for all academic classes and regular ed for health, gym and music/art if applicable. Even more restrictive would be placing the student into a special school to meet his IEP needs. ]
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Asked 1/10/2013 4:54:15 PM
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