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"Interpersonal communication" refers to (Points : 2) communication between dyads rather than larger groups. communication within large groups rather than dyads. only the exchange of verbal symbols. communication to initiate, develop, maintain, or terminate relationships
Weegy: Interpersonal communication is the exchange of verbal symbols. communication to initiate, develop, maintain, or terminate relationships User: According to Schutz, the need for emotional connection with others is the need for (Points : 2) inclusion. control. openness. orientation. Weegy: According to Schutz's theory, the need for affection is the need to feel likeable or lovable. If various people like a specific person, that person has effectively fulfill this need and that need is referred as personal. [ Someone who is unable to fulfill this need is labeled either underpersonal or overpersonal. Personal individuals want to be liked, but they do not consider being liked by everyone essential for happiness. ] User: . When handling a project with her work team at the office, Tina likes to be in charge; she has a high need for control. Tina is (Points : 2) submissive. dominant. abdicratic. inclusive. Weegy: The correct answer is dominant. User: . According to uncertainty reduction theory, when we engage someone in conversation to check the potential for a rewarding relationship, we are using which strategy? (Points : 2) Passive Active Interactive Inclusive Weegy: interactive [smile] User: 5. Which of the following is an accurate statement about true self-disclosure? (Points : 2) It refers to all the statements we make about ourselves. It must contain a level of risk to your partner's perception of you. It can be intentional or unintentional. It is not a culturally-bound behavior. Weegy: Self-disclosure is when you tell something about yourself, especially something not many people would know or that could be sensitive. [ Someone might self-disclose that they were hospitalized for anorexia, for example, to help a friend with an eating disorder. Someone should self-disclose that they have an STD before beginning a sexual relationship. ... (More)
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Asked 11/6/2012 9:35:45 PM
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t Object]User: When we talk to people and observe their behavior, which of the following are visible to us? (Points : 2) universal human needs verbal and nonverbal symbols cultural rules cultural norms
Weegy: verbal and nonverbal symbols - body language. User: When Elisa visits England, people there think she has terrible table manners because she holds her knife in her right hand to cut food, following the American custom. Their judgement of Elisa is (Points : 2) ethnocentric. high-context. low-context. individualistic. Weegy: ethnocentric. User: Empowered communication refers to (Points : 2) The self-confidence that arises from learning effective communication. Participating in enriching professional, social, and civic activities. Greater understanding of your motivations, feelings, and capabilities. Enhanced professional success. Weegy: Empowered communication refers to the self-confidence that arises from learning effective communication. User: 21. When the brain is selecting stimuli from all those that surround us, ________ are most likely to be selected. (Points : 2) stimuli that do not change stimuli that are less intense stimuli that are novel or unexpected stimuli that do not move Weegy: The answer is Stimuli that do not change. (More)
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Asked 11/6/2012 9:49:34 PM
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